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Black Liquid ltd is a petroleum-marketing organization that is established for more than a decade in United Arab Emirates With unmatched quality and service, Black Liquid Ltd has proven to be one of the most capable fuel distributors in the area, serving all fields of trade including distribution and transport of oil, Sulphur, LPG, fuel bunkering for vessels and marine industry.

Black Liquid ltd is a petroleum-marketing organization that is established for more than a decade in United Arab Emirates. Black Liquid ltd is engaged in the bulk distribution of refined products such as LPG, Fuel oil, lubricants and petrol in Dubai and Northern Emirates. Our head quarter is placed in UAE which entails multiple branches located in variety of countries including England, Germany, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.

We maintain persistent and existing market relationship with our valuable client. Strong relationship coupled with excellent professional bond with our supply chain is the core values of our business.

Upstream & Downstream

Black Liquid is a market leader in the supply of Pipes, Valves, Fittings , Instruments and Electrical Equipment to projects worldwide. Our core business is to deliver materials to the exacting standards and timeframes of our customers in the oil, gas, petrochemical and renewable industries, utilizing our extensive knowledge of processes and product, operational requirements and management capabilities in conjunction with our extensive network of offices and companies. Our customers are international operators and energy companies, engineering contractors and design specialists. Black Liquid provides services and support throughout the life of a project, from conceptual phase through to commissioning. Black Liquid employs people with experience in handling projects in the energy sectors in some key areas:

  • Line pipe Projects – Seamless, HFI (ERW) and SAW line pipes for pipeline projects including the supply of inductions bends and corrosion coating.
  • Process Piping – Packages including pipes, fittings, flanges & valves as well as nuts & bolts, gaskets, filters, strainers etc.
  • Power Generation– Heavy wall seamless and welded carbon & alloy pipes and associated fittings & flanges.
  • Offshore– Structural steels including seamless & welded tubulars, beams, plates and cones, conductor pipes & piles.
  • Control Valves, Needle and Check Valves, Safety and Relief Valves, Gate &Globe& Ball Valve…

  • Fire & Gas Detection, Fire Extinguishing

  • Pressure(Gauge, Transmitter, Switch)

  • Temperature(Gauge, Transmitter, Sensor, Switch)

  • Flow(Vortex, Mass, Coriolis, Magnetic, switch)

  • Level(Transmitter, Switch, Indicator)

  • Air Filters, Cylinders and Actuators, Gear Box, Bearings

  • Electrical Equipment (Cable Tray & Ladder , Junction box ,Switchgear & Motor Center, Circuit Breakers,…)



Our mission is to supply our customers with outstanding service and competitively priced products that will build long term client relationships. We strive to build an atmosphere of optimism and teamwork which will make us more admired for our people and our professionalism. Black liquid is ready to serve your needs.


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